About Riverland Company

"Our goal is to be the best, not the biggest, Recreational Land Mangement Company in SOUTHEAST MISSOURI.  Providing professional services for land owners and hunters alike."  With that said, we keep it simple.  Straight, honest, and with a lot of common sense.  

RIVERLAND COMPANY takes on the responsibility of managing private property for the land owner.  Providing recreational and hunting opportunities for sportsman and sportswomen that need and want private property for hunting.  There is a huge need for organization and trouble-free management services for the land owner, and a professional service for hunters.  Trust and cooperation is THE  key to success.

We take the management responsibility of the land and deliver the service that benefits the owner and the hunter.  Without the burden that too many times the land owner has had to deal with.  Lets face it, some farmers have had a lot of bad experiences with hunters.  And the farmer is the one with the best hunting property.  So we manage that on both ends of the business.             

Our View is very simple.  Open, honest, straight forward management.  It is VERY possible to manage land and have really good hunting groups that do not create problems for the owners.  We do it every day.  And the owners expect it from us.  Less drama, more enjoyment. 

If you are interested in our management services or hunting opprotunities give us call.  Whether you do business with us or not, make sure you always use a reputable person or company to work with on land leases, access, and all agreements.  Many times the representative does not represent the actual owner at all.  Like any other industry, this one has it's bad apples. 
Riverland provides some exceptional Waterfowl Hunting in Southeast Missouri.  If you are interested in working with us as a land owner or as a hunter, give us a call.  We provide waterfowl habitat management, guided hunts, and much more with the great resource that our area has for the avid duck and goose hunter.  Timber, rice fields, corn fields, and big open water.  We are hunters that like to take other hunters.

We have all land owners contact information and references available upon request.  I hope we can be of service to you.           

Thanks for Visiting!
Mark Jacques 
Riverland Management LLC
2104 N Outer Rd
Dexter, MO  63841    


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