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We work with land owners and hunters.  Its that simple.  We handle the management from start to finish.  From finding the right places and acquiring the farms, finding groups, checking references, showing the farms, to completing the contracts and payments, we oversee it through the entire season.  We handle it all, from start to finish.  We are an insured company, with references available upon request.       

Management Advantage   

For the land owner, we simplify it.  From the very start of surveying the possibilities, to finding a group to enjoy the property, we take care of it all.  From start to the end of the season . No problems for the owners, more organized for the hunters.  Know what to expect and minimize surprises.  Do not over promise.  Be realistic.  For the interested hunter it can give you a sense of assurance that what you are considering as a lease is not simply a random spot on a map.    

The Hunting Experience     

We provide some great hunts for those wanting guided and semi-guided hunts.  We do what we can to make your hunting the best it can be.  We want our guests to have a memorable time hunting, and to have a desire to come back.  Our focus is on the hunt itself, and the experience.  We are not concerned how quick we can fill a limit.  We are a more steady slower paced guide service.  We like it that way so our friends can enjoy every aspect of waterfowl hunting.  From the ride out to the field, through setup, watching birds work, taking birds, and then watching some quality retrieves by a good retriever.  It all matters to have the, "Experience".       

If you are a hunter wanting to see what Southeast Missouri waterfowling is all about, give us a call. 
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Mark Jacques
owner Riverland Company 

                            UPDATED 07-25-2018

Thanks for all of the interest this season for Private Leases!  All leases are taken at this time, but check back ever so often.   

Check Southeast Missouri Ducks page for current up to date leases, availability, and other information.                                           

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