Southeast Missouri Waterfowl   

Southeast Missouri Waterfowl
Experience Great Hunting with Great Folks  


ast Missouri is known for fantastic duck and snow goose hunting.  River flyways make Southeast Missouri an intersection for waterfowl, along with some great habitat, provides a great staging area for waterfowl.  Our public areas like Otter Slough WMA, Duck Creek WMA, Coon Island WMA, Mingo NWR, Dark Cypress WMA, Wilhelmina WMA, Cain Creek WMA, Ten Mile Pond WMA, along with thousands of private acres that is managed for waterfowl habitat and hunting, makes our area the Premier Waterfowl Destination in the Midwest.

Our primary species of ducks include but not limited to, mallards, pintails, gadwall, teal, widgeon, shovelers, and several more.  It is not uncommon, especially in the early part of the season, to have a nice mixed bag.     

Our hunting areas are located in both the Missouri Middle and South Zones in Southeast Missouri.  This gives us a nice long season in the immediate area running from the first of November to around the 20th to 25th  of January for ducks.  Snow Goose Conservation Order Season will begin the first of February through March.  We can literally hunt waterfowl for five months.

Our Middle zone areas are very close to or in-between Otter Slough WMA, Duck Creek,  and Mingo NWR.  These are some of Missouri's leading public waterfowl hunting areas and refuges. 

Our hunting locations in the South Zone are located near Black River and Coon Island WMA, Flood Way in Stoddard County, along with Butler and Dunklin Counties in Southeast Missouri.    

Take a look at what Riverland has to offer in the Middle and South Zone areas.  From flooded rice and corn fields to South Zone flooded timber, we have some diverse places to set up and hunt 

Southeast Missouri Premier Waterfowling 

Guided Hunts 
4 hunter minimum in Group $150.00 per hunter daily guide will meet you at motel and you will follow the guide to the location of the hunt.  Guide hunts with group.  Local motels available.  Ask for references.
Lodging is a furnished country home near our hunting locations.  Cooked meals are not included.
Bring your own food and beverages and use the house as your own.  Flat rate of $150.00 per night for the house.   
Daily Pit Lease/Rental  
Limited  DIY Days Available

Ready-To-Hunt flooded fields with pit.  Bring your own spread and make a day of it.
Pit lease is $500 per day when available 16' brushed and ready to hunt.     

Daily Field Lease   
Rice fields and corn fields.  Do it yourself hunt fields available for daily lease.  Ready-To-Hunt flooded fields.  Layout blind and layout boat hunters welcome.  Good locations, not high pressure.   
 $100 per hunter with four hunter minimum.

IMPORTANT RESERVATION AND PAYMENT TERMS  for All Guided Hunts, DIY Hunts, Field and Pit Rentals 
All Booking Parties Please Read

- A 50% deposit based on group size, days, and lodging etc. is required at the time of reservation to secure dates.  No Exceptions 
- Second half of hunt fee is due upon your arrival prior to the start of hunting.  Final payment will be based or your original size of group scheduled, plus any hunters added prior to arrival. (ten day notice of additional hunters)  
- Early Cancellations (ten days or more prior to date)  will be rescheduled as possible according to available dates. 
- Early Departure:  In the case of a group leaving early, not hunting scheduled days, the group is charged for those scheduled days, unless agreed upon with Riverland Co. 
example:  Group of four schedules a Saturday and Sunday and pays in full prior to first day on Saturday.  Group decides to leave Saturday night and not hunt Sunday.  Group is charged for Sunday hunt.  It is too late to fill date and the group is obligated to use that date that was designated for group.  No exceptions other than serious emergencies or Riverland Co. agrees to reschedule, at our discretion.          

* Payment Methods:  Check, Money Order, VISA, MASTER CARD  accepted (add 2% processing fee for any card)

All Mailing to:
Riverland Company
2104 N Outer Rd
Dexter, MO  63841

Thanks for visiting and see you soon 

Southeast Missouri Waterfowl Leases
Private Exclusive Leases in the Heart of Duck Migration 
Stoddard, Butler, and Dunklin Counties in Southeast Missouri

H2 36 acres Corn Field 12' Steel pit dog box.  Middle Zone Duck Season Lease  $4,500

M2 80 acre rice field with levees left along with stripper head rice stubble along levees.  good location, lot of water, duck season exclusive lease.  Middle Zone  $5,500 LEASED

South Zone Butler County near Arkansas Line
Butler County Close to Arkansas Line and Black River
Leases includes pit in field and fields bordering pit field.  Good history.  West of Coon Island WMA  KR Leases

KR1 40 acre Rice field with a 16' steel pit. Two bordering rice fields of 80 acres. 120 acres of rice.  Pit field pumped up with well with other 80 acres of sheet water.   $ 7,000 LEASED

KR2 80 Acre Rice Field with 16' Steel Pit.  GREAT location with lots of bird traffic.  Easy access off gravel road.  Good history, good field.  $ 7,000   LEASED

KR3 140 Acre rice farm.  Includes  Three Fields.  60 acre rice with sheet water, 40 acre rice field with sheet water, and 16' steel pit in middle of other 40 acre rice field pumped with water.  Wood blind at edge of slough woods.  Good Location, great area. 
$ 7,500 for all fields, pit, and blind.   LEASED

South Zone Stoddard County
Located in Eastern Stoddard County, ten miles southwest of Sikeston, Missouri, ten miles East of Dexter.   All Rice Fields will be cut with stripper header, leaving good stand of taller stubble.  Good to hide and blend in blinds.  Big open fields with lots of water in area, stubble rolled as you wish.  Exclusive private lease in good flyway area without a lot of pressure.     

W1  102 acre Modified Graded bean field with nice 16' slide top pit in middle of field.  Guaranteed water, private seasonal lease for Missouri duck season.  Proven field with good history.  Big open field that produces good hunts.    $8,000 LEASED

W2  52 acre corn field, includes low profile 16' blind in stalks or edge, can hunt also with layout blinds in good cover.  
$5,500 AVAILABLE  

W3 42 acre Rice field, flooded with stubble.  Can be hunted with layout blinds or boats.  A low profile blind can be added if desired.  $4,500 without blind $5,500 with blind.  LEASED   

Middle and South Zone Butler County
JG Farm Located West of Otter Slough WMA, west of St Francis River in Butler County.  Mixture of rice and bean fields.  See specifics for each location.

JG1 40 acre rice field LEASED Middle Zone with or without blind.  Located 3 miles northwest of Otter Slough WMA just west of St Francis river.  Good flight direction of birds to and from Otter Slough.  $3,500 with no blind $4,500 with blind against levee and in stubble.

JG2  60 acre rice field LEASED Middle Zone with good ditch lines and crown roads.  stubble and levees left as desired. 40 acre rice field behind field with water for added options.  16' Blind set provided and set as desired. 3.5 miles west of Otter slough. 
$5,500  $4,500 without blind.  

JG3 62 acre rice field South Zone  LEASED Open fields with good random and curved levees.  Blind set or hunt as layout field for boats or layout blinds.  $4,500  Will set a nice 16' wood blind for $1,000

Farm located Northwest of Otter Slough WMA.  Three fields in Middle Zone and Two in South Zone.  All stubble and levees will be left.  Rolled down as desired.  Stripper header will be used so stubble will be full height of rice.  Good for concealment.  
M1. 40 acre rice field LEASED in middle zone.  guranteed water for season.    Blind can be placed in standing rice next to levee if desired.  Great location, no "hunting" history with field, but ducks use it each and every season.  New spot.  $4,000 or $5,000 with wood blind in middle.  Flooded bean field next to it is available.  Crown road divides fields, giving two fields flooded side by side and hunt crown road.  add $1,000 for flooded bean field.  Adds water area for fields. 

M2. 80 acre rice field in middle zone
AVAILABLE  All stubble and levees left.  No blind or pit.  GREAT location.  Has good gravel private drive to field, parking area next to field, and electric hookup if needed. $5,500
Can negotiate blind and blind setting

M3. 40 acre South Zone rice field LEASED
M4  60 acre South Zone rice field LEASED
M3 and M4 Lay side by side 

South of Hwy 60 puts you in a good spot. Same program as middle zone fields.  standing stubble and levees with water.  Hunt as you like can put a blind on field.  Proven area and very good location for this spot.  Lease 40 acre for $4,500 or 60 acre for $5,000 or both together for $7,000.  Gives you 100 acres to hunt as you wish.                    

Locations H1 - H7  This farm has a great natural  attraction for ducks with it being a natural swamp area.  Very good area for Duck Hunting.  Farm has approximately 400 acres of water in the one area, and works as an attractant for waterfowl through the waterfowl season.  A variety of species will be using the farm, with Mallards and Pintails arriving typically second and third week of season.   

Pits and Fields are available for exclusive, private, duck season leases.  You will have clean pits with guarnateed water levels for the season.  Farm is located between Duck Creek WMA and Otter Slough WMA.         

Location is 10 minutes from Dexter, Missouri where lodging is available at motels and an RV Campground with monthly rates.  Storage units also available next to RV park.  4 miles North of Dudley, MO.  Fields are listed along with pit and field information.  see below. 

H1 80 acre RICE field with 16' Steel pit Double Dog Boxes  LEASE renewed $7,500
H2 40 acre Corn field with 12' Steel Pit Single Dog Box  AVAILABLE  $5,500
H3 40 acre RICE field 16' Steel Pit double dog boxes, in addition to a  10' Box pit in crown on dry ground at edge.   LEASED  2015-2016 $7,500  
H5 80 acre RICE field 16' Steel Pit double dog  
LEASED $8,500  
H6 80 acre RICE field 16' Steel Pit double dog   LEASED
2015-2016   $7,500
H7 40 acre RICE field.  16' STEEL pit in field crown on dry ground, with crop around pit. 
Hid well. $6,500  LEASED

Private Lease Terms
1. Contract Agreement with all leases 
2. Deposits
50% deposit on renewal leases is due March 15th 
New party leases 50% due upon date of contract 
Remaining 50% for all due October 15th 
3. No more than six members on lease contract, or no more than six hunters on a lease at any given time.  Multiple fields by same group may have more members.
4. All lessees must review terms and conditions on lease contract thoroughly, and all members must sign
5.  No "Outfitting" or pay-hunter/Day-Hunter pay to hunt business on private leases, unless specified in lease contract.
6.  ALL vehicles that may be on leased property will be listed in contract for on-location identification purposes.
please see contract for details and explanations.  Thanks 

Contact us for locations, coordinates, Aerial images and details to meet and tour the farms.

Missouri South Zone Butler County  
Black River/Coon Island Area South Zone Fields

N1 40 ACRE RICE FIELD, 16' Osceola pit, exceptional location near Clay County Arkansas line.  Proven farm with good history 
$8,000 South Zone Season Lease  LEASED

N2 40 acre rice field, coon island area west of Black River, 16' steel Pit, season Lease  $7,500 Full South Zone duck Lease  LEASED

N3  80 acre rice field with 20' steel pit, on Arkansas Line.  One of the best in the area.  Duck Season Lease South Zone $9,000  LEASED 

N3 55 acre rice field next to Coon Island WMA refuge.  South Zone duck season. 16' steel pit.   
$8,500 for season LEASED


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