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Southeast Missouri Waterfowl Leases and Guided Hunts   

 A Little About Southeast Missouri Waterfowling

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ast Missouri is known for fantastic duck and snow goose hunting.  In our area we have Otter Slough WMA, Duck Creek WMA, and Coon Island WMA.  Along with thousands of private acres that are managed for waterfowl habitat and hunting. 

Southeast Missouri is a bottleneck for migration flights.  Just follow the rivers and you can see why.  Geographically we sit right in the middle of the Central flyway.  

Riverland Outfitters hunting areas include the Missouri Middle and South Zones in Southeast Missouri.  This gives us a nice long season in the immediate area running from the first of November to around the 20th to 25th  of January.  Snow Goose Conservation Order Season will begin the first of February through March.  We can hunt waterfowl for five months.

Our Middle zone area is very near to Otter Slough WMA, the states leading public waterfowl hunting area and refuge.

Our hunting locations in the South Zone are located near Black River and Coon Island, Flood Way in Stoddard County, along with Butler and Dunklin Counties in Southeast Missouri.    

Take a look at what Riverland has to offer in the Middle and South Zone areas.  From flooded rice and corn fields to flooded timber, we have a diverse group of places to set up and hunt 

Southeast Missouri Duck Hunting Guided and Unguided  Hunts Middle and South Zone 

Riverland Outfitters offers Guided Hunts, Do It Yourself, and Pit Rentals  in Missouri's Middle and South Zones.      

Pit Rental may or may not include a pre-set decoy spread.  That depends on what you want.  If you want a spread already set and then you supplement with your own we can do that.  The pit is ready to hunt, brushed, the field is flooded, and we will put you in an active field.  We do not leave our decoy spreads in field.  Sets will need to be placed if needed.            

Guided Hunts include a guide for each group, transportation, and the blind and setup for the days hunt . We hunt morning to 1:00 PM.   
Meals are not included with any guided hunts.  Hunters will stay in town close to many restaurants and retail stores, or you can lodge in our country home close to hunt locations. 

When conditions are muddy in the winter, the use of an atv may be required to travel down field roads to avoid rutting up fields roads and getting your vehicles stuck.  Be prepared on a self guided, pit rental, or do it yourself hunt to have your ATV or UTV with you.    

Dogs  We ask that if you want to bring your dog to work,  that is okay on a self guided or do it yourself hunt.  If the dog is a seasoned hunter we can make prearrangements for the guided days.  A good dog is an asset and a pleasure!      


Guided with Lodging    
2 day hunt minimum with lodging 
$200.00 per day per hunter
Youth Age 15 and younger are 50% of adult price.
Lodging will be a 3 bedroom 1 3/4 bath country home with a fully furnished kitchen with all amenities needed.  Garage and Outbuilding for storage.  Cooked meals are not included but you can bring your own food and beverages and use the lodge as your own.  

Guided Hunts Without Lodging 
2 day minimum 4 hunter minimum in Group $150.00 per hunter daily guide will meet you at the motel and you will follow the guide to the location of the hunt.  Guide hunts with group.  If guide has room he will provide transportation.

South Zone Timber Hunts with Lodging
Nov 27 - Jan 25 becomes an option if the ducks are using the green timber.  Includes lodging, transportation, and very comfortable blind hunt in timber.  $250.00 per day per hunter six maximum   
More than 3 days in a row for any group, please Call for info Group Discounts

For individuals and groups that need flexibility in their schedule, and need the service of a guide and a hunt program.  Includes lodging and guiding service.

We reserve special hunt locations for Flex Day hunts.  Effort is given to make sure fresh hunt spots are available for flex day clients.    

- Buy 10, 20, or 30 hunt days 
- Come when you can, according to YOUR schedule
- Days can be used and shared within a group
- Perfect for business clients and appreciation gifts
- Call when you want to go, and we will schedule your guided days. (Three day notice)
- Unused days transfer to snow goose hunt days or next duck season

10 days $2,000 20 days $3,500 30 days $4,500
Days must be paid in advance

For business gifts, Riverland will issue gift certificates showing program and days given.


Pit lease are $500 and $750 per day depending on location and field.  

Daily Field Lease    limited
Rice fields and corn fields.  Do it yourself hunt fields available for daily lease.  Sheet water with deeper field ends.  Layout blind and boat hunters welcome. 
 $100 per hunter with four hunter minimum.

Visit the areas leading archery and hunting pro shop.  
A Large selection of duck hunting supplies, ammo, archery, and much more.  Riverland clients receive a 15% discount on most items!  
Avery, Drake, banded, Winchester, Federal,
Located off Highway 60 in the middle of the waterfowl promised land!

American Outdoors
2104 N Outer Rd
Dexter, MO  63841


UPDATED 10-18-2014 

MIDDLE ZONE AND SOUTH ZONE Leases Available for 2014 - 2015 Waterfowl

Southeast Missouri Counties - Stoddard, Butler, Dunklin
We will add information as it becomes available. 

Season Dates for Duck Hunting Southeast Missouri
Middle Zone Duck Nov 1 - Dec 30
                      Light Geese Oct 25 - Jan 31
                      Dark Geese Nov 27 - Jan 31
South Zone  Duck Nov 27 - Jan 25
                      Light Geese Oct 25 - Jan 31
                      Dark Geese Nov 27 - Jan 31
Middle youth duck is Oct 25-26  South is Nov 22-23


Middle Zone Leases
Fields and Pits Near Otter Slough WMA


This farm has a great natural  attraction for ducks with it being a natural swamp area.  This farm is in rice for 2014.  Very good area for Duck Hunting and Snow Goose hunting!  Farm has approximately 400 acres of water in the one area, and works as an attractant for waterfowl all through the waterfowl season.  

Pits and Fields are available for exclusive season leases from November 1 through March.  You will have clean pits with guarnateed water levels for the season.  Many fields are subject to "Flash Flood" in the winter with it being in a low swamp area.    

Location is 10 minutes from Dexter, Missouri where lodging is available at motels and an RV Campground with monthly rates.  Storage units also available next to RV park.  4 miles North of Dudley, MO.  Fields are listed along with pit and field information.  see below. 

#1 80 acre RICE field with 16' Steel pit Double Dog Boxes  LEASED $7,500

#2 40 acre RICE field with 12' Steel Pit Single Dog box     LEASED  2014-2015 $5,500
16' Osceola Steel Pits on farm.  All set in levees except #7.  Read description.    

#3 40 acre RICE field 16' Steel Pit double dog boxes, in addition to a  10' Box pit in crown on dry ground at edge.   LEASED  $6,500

#5 80 acre RICE field 16' Steel Pit double dog  
LEASED $8,000  

#6 80 acre RICE field 16' Steel Pit double dog   
LEASED   $7,500

#7 40 acre RICE field.  16' STEEL pit in field crown on dry ground, flush with ground, surrounded by standing corn on field crown.  Hid well. $3,500  AVAILABLE FOR MONTH OF DECEMBER

West Side of St Francis River Middle Zone Butler County
40 acre RICE field with steel 16' pit, field sets against river just northwest of Otter Slough  $5,500 Duck season lease

West side of St Francis River directly west of (across river) from Otter Slough WMA (across river from units 21-22 etc)  40 Acre Rice field.  Good Spot. No pit or blind but great layout boat or blind hunt field or temp blind 
$4,500 for Duck Season

40 acre corn field with 16' Slide Top Wood Blind.  Good location.  Guaranteed water and corn left to hide blind. 

Flooded or sheet-water Rice and Corn Fields Flooded for season and can use boats, portable blinds, ground blinds etc.  West side of St Francis River, Black River Area, Coon Island WMA area, Stoddard County, Butler County.  $3,500 Contact for details     

Contact us for details and for a tour of the farms and leases.

Southeast Missouri
South Zone Leases  
Lease includes field, field and blind, or pit if in field.  We do guarantee water all season along with management details.  CALL FOR details and multiple locations or pits.

AVAILABILITY  MIssouri South Zone Leases
Old St Francis River in Butler County Missouri.  Layout ground this year with new 20' steel slide top pit in a very natural slough area.  Flooded field with steel pit next to the old St Francis river.  4 miles from Arkansas line and in a good flyway corridor.
$9,500 for season November 2014 through March 2015

Black River Area South Zone Field for Lease

N1 40 ACRE RICE FIELD, 16' Osceola pit, exceptional location near Clay County Arkansas line.  Proven farm with good history  $9,500 South Zone Season Lease  LEASED

N2 40 acre rice field, coon island area west of Black River, 16' steel Pit, season Lease  $7,500 Full South Zone duck Lease  LEASED

N3  80 acre rice field with 20' steel pit, on Arkansas Line.  One of the best in the area.  Duck Season Lease South Zone $9,000  LEASED 

N3 55 acre rice field next to Coon Island WMA.  Stubble left and rolled as desired , sheet water, and South Zone duck season. No pit or blind.  layout boats or temp blinds $3,500 for season 

ML1  65 Acre Rice Field Against East side of Black River on Arkansas Line close to Fagus, MO 
16' Steel Pit  $7,500 South Zone Duck Season Lease

SM1  45 Acre Rice Field Wardell, MO area 20' Steel Pit
$7,500 Duck and Snow Goose season  LEASED

TW1 40 Acre Rice Field RIVES, MO   LEASED
north of Hornersville.  22" steel pit.  $5,500 annual lease     


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